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Our Newsroom is where we share any exciting news, videos and testimonials about our patients, therapists and overall organization. If you have a  testimonial, video and/ or success story that you are willing to share, please e-mail our marketing director at info@wellnessworkstherapy.com.


Written Testimonials:

The therapists at ECA/ Wellness Works have been wonderful, nurturing, and extremely helpful both to my daughters and me. My daughter started out screaming hysterically for the entire hour, and now she marches right into the clinic with a wide smile. Her biggest gains have been in feeding – going from eating no solid food whatsoever to eating virtually everything and self-feeding – all in a matter of months! The therapists were both tireless in their caring patience and we are extremely grateful to them as well as the rest of the staff. Huge thanks to the office staff, you were all so good to both of my girls and I appreciate you so much!

My daughter is receiving Occupational and Physical Therapy along with Early Intervention in the clinic. I have had such a great experience at the clinic. The office staff and therapist team is amazing. One of the major strengths of Every Child Achieves is the way they interact with the children. Thank you so much for making this so much fun for my daughter.

The Parenting program has been a great opportunity for me to experience. Our Parenting Specialists is a great instructor and has given me some remedies and advice to help myself and my son. They have worked! I could not be happier with Parenting Specialists, she is extremely helpful and makes me comfortable to express myself with her. This program is a great way to release my concerns and get help at the same time.
Thank you, N.G.

My daughter used to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner, hiking shoes and anything she associated with loud noises such as weed whackers and sweepers. She is 2 years old. Our Parenting Specialist showed us how to let K approach, touch and start getting some comfort and even trust those things she was afraid of like the vacuum cleaner. After repeated exercises, K is completely comfortable touching and even playing with the vacuum. Our daughter was also having a lot of trouble brushing her teeth. She completely abhored the toothbrush. After the Parent Specialist helped us with some techniques K lost her fear of things associated with loud noises and is getting better at brushing her teeth.
Thank you,

My daughter’s communication skills and temper tantrums really improved and she is listening better too since I have applied some of the techniques our Parenting Specialist tought me.
Thank you,

I want to thank everyone at Every Child Achieves / Wellness Works for their patience, kindness, understanding, professionalism, sympathy & empathy during my son’s sessions with Priyanka Raikar, MA, OTR/L, Sensory Integration. Priyanka, from day one, was caring, yet firm with my son’s situation of only eating a few items. With the help of Priyanka & Trish Brown, OTR/L, my son has gone from eating 5 items (since 18 months old) to trying new foods on a weekly basis & gradually increasing his food up to 13 NEW ITEMS!!

This is major for me & my entire family & we would not have achieved this without their professional help. I am a proud, stubborn mom who at one time thought I can work miracles of my own & get my son to eat more things, yet, I was stressing myself out & my whole family in the process. Thanks to my pediatrician & his role in sending me to Wellness Works, I was able to meet with Trish & Priyanka, they assessed the situation & were very thorough, I might add. My husband & I were a little skeptical in the beginning because we felt if we could not get our son to eat anything else, what miracle can these ladies do for us? Well, what can I say….miracles happen along with smart ladies who know what they are doing & know how to talk to parents in the process to give us the ammunition we need to help our son along.

The encouragement these professionals have provided for us has been incredibly beneficial in helping our son make wise choices. It has opened our eyes to so many things that can be applied in other aspects of our lives as well and for that….we are eternally grateful.

Finally, I cannot say enough about the staff up front, from greeting the children by name (after all…IT IS ABOUT THEM), asking how they are doing in school, to just comforting them. I greatly appreciate all of the reminder calls & your flexibility for rescheduling. Thank you everyone in North Hollywood at Wellness Works***Every Child Achieves, Inc.

A.G. 8 year old son receiving Feeding Therapy and Occupational Therapy.